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What is Affilisite?

Affilisite allows its customers to quickly create beautiful, SEO optimised affiliate websites in just a few seconds. Any of the below type of affiliate website can be create in just a few clicks!

Shop Style

Make your website look exactly like a shop, instead of adding to basket the visitor will be redirected to your affiliate link.

Review Style

A blog style website where you can add articles to promote affiliate products.

Comparison Style

Display multiple prices and offers for your affiliate products so customers come to you to find the cheapest price for their favorite products.

Why should I promote Affilisite?

Great Earnings Potential

Earn 50% per sale on a $67 price with the potenial of monthly recurring revenye for those who upgrade to a 'Flippa' membership.

Prizes To Be Won

Prizes will be given to 5 affiliates with atleast 1 sale in a sale-per-entry raffle.

Easy To Promote

Affilisite has a huge target audience, from existing affiliates like yourself or newbies to Affiliate Marketing.

The Promo Video